At Moti, our goal is to create beautiful, natural garments while causing the least amount of negative impact on the environment.

We hope you will do your part to help also. Knowing that more water and energy are used during consumer care than in production, we encourage using less water and biodegradeable detergent for a low-impact cleaning method. By following such practices, you are not only guaranteeing your garments a long, beautiful life, but you are joining us in minimizing their impact on the earth.

For specific care instructions for your product, refer to the printed tag inside the garment. Meanwhile, here are some suggestions for helping to minimize your environmental impact in the course of taking care of your Moti garments.

Avoid Dry Cleaning
Steer clear of dry cleaning; it is tough on the environment and your health. Perchloroethylene (perc), the chemical used by most dry cleaners, pollutes the air, ground, and water, and can cause health problems. Plus, our clothes don't require it.

Cold Water Wash
Wash our clothes in cold water. It will still get them squeaky clean and save energy at the same time. And even better - wash on the low-energy cycle to use less water.

Avoid Bleach
Bleach is linked with many health problems, it pollutes the water and it's harsh on fabrics, therefore we suggest avoiding bleach altogether.

Use Non-Toxic Detergents
Use mild detergent made from non-toxic, environmentally-friendly ingredients. Unlike synthetic detergents that contain surfactants made from petrochemicals, non-toxic laundry products use readily biodegradable ingredients made from natural materials like corn and coconut oils.

Line Dry
Feel free to tumble dry, but you can always line dry too. Just be sure to avoid direct sunlight. Touch up with the iron (avoiding embellishments) and you'll save on your energy bill too.

Use cool-medium iron on garment turned inside out. Please do not iron directly on embellishments.
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